Hogdog is an 8X8 sized two men manned, hot dog outlet. At present, you can find it at Spencer's third phase on the first floor next to the Nike and Java Green outlets.
You choose your choice of eating styles out of two options-on the stick or in the bun! Then you choose your meat (from chicken or mutton) and then the sauce mix you want on your hot dog (you can choose between mexican, bbq, chicago and tangy). You will get your hot dog in less than 1 minute after placing the order!
I have tried all the permutation and combinations available and really have nothing to complain or rave about any of them! However its a quick meal, a couple of them will actually fill you for a while (if you are an average eater that is, we are not talking about monsters) and will not burn a hole in your pocket!
The hot dogs in the bun are priced at Rs. 50 and those on the stick at Rs. 30 and will be a good munching meal while you shop!!!!