Copper Point-GRT

A great place to go for Indian food. Slightly on the expensive side, but hey, what can you expect from a hotel of that standard. The food is authentic to a large extent.
This review is based on the food served to a group of 11 people, 6 of those were vegetarians, and 3 people had alcohol. The setback- Rs 7800.
The starters, we had murgh chicken, lemon garlic prawns, chicken porichadhu and a couple of fish starters, the names of which I cannot recall. All of them were excellent and very well made. The prawns were specially good and succulent and the right size, the chicken was also very good, juicy and well made. The fish was alright and the porichadhu was pretty good too.
For the main course, we had murgh malai biriyani which was not bad, and some mutton gravy that was not on the menu. The waiter suggested that we try it and so we did. Pretty good!
Desserts-were typical Indian desserts, nothing great, but not bad either. We tried gulab jamun, jelebi and vanilla ice cream.

The service- 5/10. Some of the waiters had an attitude that you do not want to see when you go to a restaurant.

The food-8/10. The prawn and chicken starters take the cake and the baker's wife too!

The ambience-6/10. The tables are placed a little too close to each other so you lack privacy in some tables whereas in a few others, there is no such problem.