Cedar's- Sunday Brunch

Here's a complete review of the Sunday Brunch (Dated Jan 2007)

EXPENSIVE!!!! 375 plus tax, it cost us Rs 840 for two!!!!
Book In Advance!!! Good that I booked early, because it was full when I went there and only the two reserved tables were free!!!! Its a small place so gets full early and people spend forever there so few chances of getting a table cleared. However when you call to reserve a table, do not be suprised if the guy at the other end of the phone seems lost. However do not judge their service level with the pathetic service on phone reservations. Their table service is in fact very good.


If you like exotic food- 8/10
If you dont- 2/10

The menu is of four parts- The Buffet, The table, The pizza and The egg.

The pizza and the egg are made to order and they are not bad...Not great either!!!

The buffet
Its a good spread.....The grilled minute steak was AWESOME!!! I could live my life on it....Try it with the brown bread and its bliss...Had a huge helping of that!!! The honey roasted chiken was impressive and very well made....The mushroom crepe was GREAT!!!! Lots of salads are available and a choice of 3 breads....The pita bread was brilliant with most of the dishes!! The dished vegies were a pass...infact they were bad!!! But the other items more than made up for that!!! You wont be able to eat a hearts filling of everything coz there is tooo much!!! My friend said that the fish starter was great, but i am not too much of a fish eater so i did not try it, I was happy with that steak thingy!

The Table.
For the main course, the principle table orders are the Schwarma and the Falafel....Its not the full shwarma and falafel but shawarma pockets and falafel pockets, so they are small in size (you can order as many as you want to). Both were good but nothing extrordinary!!!But good to eat!!! Tea and coffee at the table too!!

The desert part!!!
Well you can have pancakes and waffles served at the table. The ice cream, cakes, muffins and mousse are at the buffet...Get the waffle to the table and rush to the buffet to put icecream with honey, chocolate sauce, ice cream and mousse on it and you wont mind dying the next day!!!!! Simply superb!!!

You have a choice of iced tea and a fresh juice at the buffet!! The service
Simply impeccable!!! Prompt, very very courteous and always smiling!!! Do i need to add more??

Final Word
Worth the money.

Cedars is located on Kotturpuram High Road, bang opposite the Adyar Villa.