BBQ Nation

Its a nice and spacious place. The concept is a lift off from Melting Pot, however you only cook your starters here, so I was not too exited about the concept, which, however I think it caters wonderfully to the Indian audience. You have a live grill on your table and the starters are brought on skewers and placed on the grill for you. The meat was slightly precooked, so you bbq them on your live grill for only a short time. And you have a choice of marinades to bast while your meat cooks, however the marinades are pre fixed for the day. And its not an electric bbq, but a charcoal one, so you get the taste that is close to authentic.
The concept is not so exiting because you only do the last part of, should I say, full cooking, on your table. And today, we only had to do it with 2 or our starters. The others were brought fully done to our table.
For the carnivores, you get 5 non veg starters. I did not try the fish, but the other four were excellent. The lemon garlic chicken and the prawns get a special mention. You get 4 non veg gravies (of which the crab gravy and the chicken masala were very good) 4 non veg salads, 1 non veg soup, and one chicken biriyani (again the non veg rice menu changes everyday). Food was excellent and you can experiment your starters with the marinades and decide how much you want your meat to be 'done'. But since the marinades are pre fixed and pre cooked, it takes some of the fun away, but then, the food is good and if you dont care about the concept, then theres no problem!

Veg food was pretty neat, I had the penne in white sauce and a small dip of each of the veg offerings.

Deserts were neat, nothing flashy, but they were nice.

The price is Rs. 408 nett, for dinners and the Sunday lunch. It includes all taxes, VAT, service charge and all the crap. This, I feel is the right way to do business. So for 3 of us, the bill was Rs 1224. Nothing more. Infact, I asked for a non alcoholic margarita, and I loved it so much that I asked for another one, and we were not charged for either. You are only charged for alcohol, but then again, on weekdays, you get one pint of beer on the house!
Its Rs 275+2% which is about Rs 281 nett for week day lunch. I was told that the number of starters shrink to two non veg and one veg, you get only 2 non veg salads and 2 non veg gravies, which I think is ok for the price. You get a choice of indian breads that include nan, romali, garlic naan, and a few more.
Service was prompt. The starter grill was refilled before our plates were empty, and there was always something cooking. Glasses were refilled before they were empty and it was done everytime. They filled our glasses with mineral water (kingfisher) bottles that was opened before our eyes. All in all, very good service.

Overall, i like the place and would not mind going there again. Good Indian food, decent pricing and a good attempt at a international concept and has blended it well to our audience. I dont think we will like to wait for 20 mins with our meat on the grill in front of us, so i feel he had done a good job! Lets hope the quality of the food and service does not decline with time.

Food- 8.5/10
Ambience- 7/10
Price- 9.5/10

BBQ Nation is located on North Usman Road, T. Nagar, on the first floor of Sri Devi Park Hotel behind Murugan Idly shop.